Hollywood New Action Movies 2012 List

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New Hollywood Action Movies 2012

Hollywood, in terms of action movies has always presented some of the best action packed movies which have thrilled the audience with extensive drama, romance and the climactic plot which keeps our audience absolutely glued to the screen.

Latest Hollywood Action Movies 2012 List

About the latest Hollywood Action Movies 2012 editions: We’ve picked out some of those newest Hollywood Action movies and placed them on our list of the latest Hollywood action movies 2012 editions.

Here is a list of the new released Hollywood action movies as well as the expected new Hollywood action movies 2012 will publish this year:

List of New Releases Hollywood Action Movies 2012

  1. Underworld Awakening- 20th January
  2. Journey 2: Mysterious Island- 10th Feb
  3. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance- 17th Feb
  4. Act of Valour- 24th Feb
  5. The  Hunger Games- 23rd March
  6. Wrath of the Titans- 30th March
  7. 21 Jump Street- 16th March
  8. Avengers- 4th May
  9. Battleship- 18th May
  10. Men in Black III- 25th May
  11. Prometheus- 8th June
  12. The Amazing Spider Man- 3rd July
  13. The Dark Knight Rises- 20th July
  14. G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation- 29th July
  15. The Expendables 2-  17th August
  16. Resident Evil: Retribution- 14th September
  17. Looper- 28th September
  18. Skyfall- 9th November
  19. The Hobbit 14th December

Here is a list of the newest Hollywood action movies which are expected to be some of the updated action 2012 releases:

  1. 21 Jump Street: Already released back on March 16th, this action packed comedy features Channing Tatum who befriends his cop mates in this hilarious plot where two rookies are placed together into a high school mission to unravel drug dealing, and the gangsters involved behind the ruckus however something twisted is bound to happen always.
  2. Act of Valour: All set, this movie is another topper on our list of the latest Hollywood action movies 2012 editions. The plot centres on a squad which is on a mission to rescue a kidnapped CIA agent and in the process their strength, faith and courage is tested in a twisted fate of death, love, brotherhood and deceit.
  3. The Avengers: This movie is one of the recent releases 2016 movies has brought forth where super heroes, all different and unique in their abilities unite to save the day. The movie has been a hit amongst the younger generation so far.
  4. The Bourne Legacy: The movie has been scheduled to be released in August, and is another part of Matt Damon’s ‘Bourne’ series however this time, the lead is played by Jeremy Runner who basically is suffering the aftermath of the previous events of the movies released prior to this. Hence, in the hurried lapse of time, our lead must face consequences of deceit, lies, murder and lost identities.
  5. Ghost Rider-Vengeance: The movie is a sequel to the previous release, where Nicolas Cage who stars as the deathly skull rider, is trying to figure out the sense behind his curse. The movie specifically focuses around the temptations of the rider and his powers, and ultimately is bound to save an innocent life from the Devil.
  6. Looper: This movie has been set for September, round the end and features Joseph Gordon Levitt, Bruce Willis and Emily Blunt. The movie is based upon a hit man who is ordered to go back in time for a murder assignment; however the irony is that the man he’s meant to kill is himself. So here’s another thriller action case which has been placed on our list of newest Hollywood action movies 2012 editions.

Right from ‘Terminator’ to the ‘Matrix’ trilogy, this time the latest new Hollywood action movies 2012 editions are sure to make a hit in the Theaters.