Hollywood New Comedy Movies 2012 List

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New Hollywood Comedy Movies 2012

If there’s anything Hollywood has become famous for apart from its legendary thrillers, it is the comedic releases made. And to add on to the list of top Hollywood funny movies 2012 will issue, this year is filled with some of the funniest screenplays you can think of. So the latest Hollywood new comedy movies 2013 editions will pick their fan fare easily.

Newest Hollywood Comedy Movies 2012 List

Here is the list of the latest Hollywood comedy movies 2012 which have been released for the sole purpose of entertaining the crowd. This list of new Hollywood comedy movies 2012 release will be updated regularly as newer adaptations are introduced.

List of Latest Hollywood Comedy Movies 2012

  1. Men in Black III- 25th May
  2. 21 Jump Street- March 16th
  3. Brave- June 22nd
  4. America Pie: Reunion- April 6th
  5. The Three Stooges- April 13th
  6. LOL- May 4th
  7. One for the Money- January 27th
  8. Tim and Eric- March 2nd
  9. Mirror Mirror- March 30th
  10. Wanderlust- February 24th
  11. Gambit-October 12th
  12. Great Hope Springs- December 14th
  13. The Guilt Trip- October 12th
  14. Fantastic Fear of Everything- June 8
  15. The Dictator- May 16th
  16. Hotel Transylvania- September 21st
  17. Casa De Mi Padre- March 16th
  18. High School- June 1st
  19. The Inbetweeners- September 7th
  20. Detention- April 30the
  21. Goon- March 30th
  22. Friends with Kids- March 9th
  23. Monster High- 2012
  24. The Trouble With Bliss- March 23rd
  25. This Means War- February 17th
  26. Vamps- 2012
  27. That’s My Boy- June 15th

Here is a list which contains the latest Hollywood comedy movies 2012 editions that have made it to the big screen, hence are highly appreciated comedy movies 2013 by the audience.

  1. 21 Jump Street- Featuring a typical high school centred story where two rookies are put together to unravel a drug deal and catch the in between person who’s responsible for the entire deals hence get involved not only in a load of miseries, but also learn the meaning behind partnership.
  2. A Fantastic Fear of Everything: The movie is based upon an author ‘Simon Pegg’ who is obsessed with the idea that somebody might murder him. This takes place because the children’s author ends up spending a large amount of time with Victorian serial killers.
  3. American Reunion: We can welcome back the ‘American Pie’ gang, where this series hits off with a new start which is absolutely hilarious just like its previous variants. The movie as the name suggests focuses upon how Kevin, Vicky, Oz, Heather and Finch reunite for another incredibly funny disaster.
  4. Casa de mi Padre- This movie is a direct adaption of western culture where Will Ferrell who is the master of epic comedies, especially after his roles in movies like ‘Blades of Glory’ and ‘Superstar’ have made him one of the most artistic comedians of all times.
  5. Great Hope Springs: After his success in movies like ’40 Year Old Virgin’ and ‘Evan Almighty’, Steve Carell is all set for another screenplay where he takes on the garb of a ‘Love Guru’ with respect to a couple who’re lost in the bond. The relationship as a whole faces critical critique however this love guru might just come in handy.
  6. LOL- Featuring Miley Cyrus, this customary high school drama focuses on teenage peer pressure and how a group of friends undergo stress, anxiety and an overdose of sexual issues where a daughter and her mom (Demi Moore) have to face a lot to accept each other and their changing life styles.

This list of the Latest Hollywood new comedy movies 2012 editions, have been updated, and put forth for your convenience to choose what you want without you can take the time.