Hollywood New Romantic Movies 2012 List

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New Hollywood Romantic Movies 2012

About the new releases Hollywood Romantic movies: January started off with some amazing new Hollywood romantic love story releases 2012 had been waiting for. There have been scheduled some of the latest Hollywood romantic movies 2012 will be expecting so here is a list of those new Hollywood romantic movies 2012 editions:

Latest Hollywood Romantic Movies 2012 List

List of Hollywood New Romantic Movies 2012

  1. Loosies- January 11th
  2. Albatross- January 13th
  3. 16-Love- January 20th
  4. Declaration of War- January 27th
  5. Man On Ledge- January 27th
  6. Big Miracle- February 3rd
  7. Chico and Rita- February 10th
  8. Perfect Sense- February 10th
  9. The Vow- February 10th
  10. Good Deeds- February 24th
  11. The Decoy Bride- March 9th
  12. Around June- March 16th
  13. Delicacy- March 16th
  14. Musical Chairs- March 23rd
  15. Titanic 3D- April 4th
  16. Take Me Home- April 6th
  17. Detention- April 13th
  18. Goodbye First Love- April 20th
  19. The Lucky One- April 20th
  20. Think Like a Man- April 20th
  21. What to Expect When You’re Expecting- May 18th
  22. 30 Beats- June 1st
  23. Jack and Diane- June 1st
  24. Seeking a Friend for the End of the World- June 22nd
  25. Ruby Sparks- July 25th
  26. Celeste and Jesse Forever- August 3rd
  27. Hit and Run- August 24th
  28. Hello, I Must Be Going- September 7th
  29. Liberal Arts- September 14th
  30. Vamps- TBA
  31. Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn II- November 16th
  32. Playing the Field- December 7th

Here is a list of Hollywood romantic movies 2012 editions which will leave a heavy impact this year on the audience, as some mentioned already have:

  1. Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn II- This awaited movie has been a popular hit amongst the younger generation, and this year the last part of the series will be released featuring a few new cast members. The movie takes place after the birth of Edward and Bella’s offspring, and also shows the transformation of Bella into a vampire. Packed with a whole new plot, with the Volturi making a stand against the Cullen clan, the movie also showcases the unpredictable love between Jacob and Bella’s daughter who he marks as his mate.
  2. The Vow: This is another undying love story movies which features Rachel McAdams in one of her typical roles, where she takes on this dramatic role of a coma patient who loses memory and recognition. Her husband who’s in love with her played by Channing Tatum tries to win her back, even though she remembers nothing of their past.
  3. Ruby Sparks: An unlikely Hollywood love story film set in an unconventional manner where woe be gone writer, finds his love by creating a fictional female character he believes will love him. The movie is certainly unlike the regular chick flicks, hence is most awaited for.
  4. Good Deeds: The busy Wesley Deeds, is swept away when he comes across Lindsay, a single hard working mother who though doesn’t belong to the high society, is simple enough to make him fall in love. Another ‘Maid in Manhattan’ kind of movie, you’ll simply have to watch it.
  5. Playing the Field: Let’s get back on the pitch for a sporty romance where a former professional athlete is swept away by his team players’ moms. And to say that there’s no complications when professional and personal intermingle, the Love movie is a must see for the year 2012.

The world of Hollywood indeed has shown great progress in the kinds of and types of movies that have been released in the past. This year however is not just filled with sequels but with plenty of new Hollywood romantic movies 2012 has successfully scheduled to release.