Latest Hollywood War Movies 2012 List

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Latest Top 10 Hollywood War Movies 2012

Hollywood and its conventions, and we’re all familiar with the top war movies of all times like “Pearl Harbour” or “Saving Private Ryan”. You can couple comedy and war, the best war movies so far have been “Inglorious Bastards” starring Brad Pitt in his comedic/sarcastic mode of an anti-Nazi rebel officer. However Hollywood’s war movies have always been dramatic and the audience have loved every release so here is a list of the newest Hollywood war movies 2012 will bring to you.

Latest Hollywood War Movies 2012 List

About the list of Newest Hollywood War movies 2012 editions: Pitch in for another round of the latest Hollywood war movies 2012 will bring forth. If you’re absolutely hungry for movies where the flag hangs high, the soldiers reap their anthems and barricades of bombs, snipers and guns thrill the air, then you’re in for a spectacular year of the newest Hollywood war movies 2012 editions.

List of Newest Releases Hollywood War Movies 2012

You’ve seen enough of Brad Pitt’s showcases in some of the best acclaimed war movies, right from his ‘Legends of the Fall’ screenplay to ‘Troy’, however this year we bring fresh new blood to the big screen. You can check out these new war movies, on our list of the latest Hollywood war movies 2012 editions.

  1. Battleship- May 18th
  2. The Hobbit- December 14th
  3. Red Dawn- November 2nd
  4. Red Tails- January 20th
  5. Act of Valor- February 24th
  6. Cobalt Neutral 9- 2012
  7. Frankenstein’s Army- 2012
  8. Memorial Day- May 4th
  9. MIS: Human Secret Weapon- April 6th
  10. Conquest 1453- February 16th

Here is a list of the new Hollywood war movies 2012 editions which are a must see in case you’re an avid lover of war blockbusters:

  1. Conquest 1453- This movie was released this year in February, and showcases some spectacular talent along with amazing visual get up. The story focuses upon a 1453 siege where the Byzantine capitol of Constantinople drowns under the manifestations of the rich Ottoman Empire; however a hero rises in the form of the ambitious Mehmut II, the sultan who plans on ending the reign of the Ottoman Empire.
  2. Act of Valor- This movie is based on the incredible journey of brave hearts consisting of an elite team of navy officers who’re set off on a search/rescue hunt to bring back a kidnapped CIA agent. The movie is a typical war movie which speaks of a terrorist named ‘Chechen’ who plays the antagonist in this epic movie.
  3. Battleship- Ships, war and the final destination where a fleet must face their destruction as an unknown armada takes a toll on them. The movie features an amazing set of actors, ‘Rihanna’ who plays Officer Cora, Taylor Kitsch who is the male lead, as ‘Lieutenant Alex Hopper’ and his brother the character ‘Commander Stone Hopper’ that is played by ‘Alexander Skarsgard’.
  4. Red Dawn- Based upon a group of teenagers, who battle against Korean invasion where the cast and crew consists of famous actors like ‘Josh Hutcherson’, ‘Chris Hemsworth’, ‘Adrienne Palicki’ and ‘Josh Peck’ who is known for his role in Drake and Josh. The movie will be releasing exactly on 21st November 2012 of this month and is part of our list of latest Hollywood war movies 2012 editions.

All the latest war movies that have been released and are going to be issued on the big screen are already being talked about. This list of the newest Hollywood war movies 2012 editions will be regularly updated where any of the recent releases or upcoming war movies will be added to the list along with release dates.