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Raaj Kumar movies list in Hindi

Short Biography – Raaj Kumar was an Indian actor in Hindi movies born on October 1996. He started his career with the bollywood movie Rangili in 1952.Raaj Kumar was noticed in his earlier films like Rangeeli, Aabshar, Ghamand, God and Gun, Jawab, Ulfat Ki Nayee Manzile, Betaaj Badshah, Insaniyat Ke Devta, Tirangaa, Saudagar, Police Public, Desh Ke Dushman, Jung Baaz, Galiyon Ka Badshah, Suryaa: The Awakening, Mahaveera, Mohabbat Ke Dushman, Saazish, Itihaas, Marte Dam Tak, Muqaddar Ka Faisla, Ek Nai Paheli, and Lakhon Mein Ek, but it was as Prince Naushazad in Sohrab Modi’s Naushervan-e-Adil that he became famous. In his brief role in Mother India, he achieved prominence. He was cast with Sunil Dutt, Shashi Kapoor and Balraj Sahni in B.R. Chopra’s Waqt. In Sridhar’s Dil Ek Mandir, Raaj Kumar essayed the role of a cancer patient. He also won the Filmfare Award in Best supporting actor category for movies Dil Ek Mandir and Waqt. Take a look of this great Bollywood actor’s Raaj Kumar Movies List in Hindi.

Raaj Kumar Movies List hindi

List of Raaj Kumar Hindi Movies

This is a short List of Bollywood Actor Raaj Kumar movies take a look.

1. 36 Ghante ( 1975 ) – it is an interesting film worth a watch, even if it’s not completely successful. There are very few songs: the nice bhajan I mention, plus a couple of other fairly unremarkable ones (not Sahir-worthy, in my opinion) and a fairly tawdry musical number. If you want the music—it seems difficult to find

2. Dil Apna Aur Preet Parai (1960) – For me, this film will be best remembered for its haunting song….ajeeb daastaan hai yeh. Appreciate the deftness with the love-triangle has been dealt with in this film…. just amazing and pure pleasure.

3. Hamraaz ( 1967 ) – First off i must say that this movie soundtrack is one of the best soundtracks of the 60′s. The story is very catchy and will keep you entertained through the entire movie. Most of the cast acted well, Sunil Dutt being the best. Sunil Dutt is very convincing as kumar, while vimmi could have been better.

4. Heer Raanjha ( 1970 ) – Heer Raanjha was the romantic epic written by famous poet of Punjab Varis Shah. Chetan Anand did experiment in hindi cinema and made Heer Raanjha in verse form. Chetan Anand caught the poetry residing in the voice of Raaj Kumar. Here he plays a care free villager, who is a poet by heart and who has shelter of 8 elder brothers and 8 bhabhiyan on his head.

5. Mother India ( 1957 ) – Mother India is a true legend…Based in rural India as a metaphor of an independent nation rising on its own after the collapse of the British Empire in the Indian subcontient

Another Movies of Raaj Kumar In Hindi

6. Aaj Aur Kal -1963
7. Bulundi-1980
8. Chambal Ki Kasam-1980
9. Dil Ek Mandir-1963
10.Ek Nai Paheli-1984
12.Hindustan Ki Kasam-1973
13.Insaniyat Ke Devta-1993
15.Jung Baaz-1989
18.Lal Patthar-1971
19.Marte Dam Tak-1987
20.Neel Kamal-1968
22.Raj Tilak-1984
24.Paigham – 1959

Raaj Kumar was a stylish actor,he had command over dialogue delivery.More bollywood movies in this New Movies list of RAAJ KUMAR movies coming soon so don’t forget to subscribe this blog.