Top 10 Hollywood Action Movies 2011

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Hollywood Action Movies 2011 List

Actions movies are always the most anticipated genre MTUVEAG2KY7Y of Hollywood movies for movie buffs. Given below is the list of top Hollywood action movies 2011 What is an action film? That’s been the tricky question that we’ve had to unconvincingly answer before putting this list of best Hollywood action movies 2011. Personally, I’m a massive fan of English action movies, but have held off including it here because the action moments are few and far between It’s not been an easy list to compile the The Best Hollywood Action Movies of 2011. And I’ve kept it to Hollywood Action blockbuster flicks – are action movies at heart, even if the accelerator is relaxed for periods within the films chosen.

Hollywood Action Movies 2011 list

List of Top 10 Hollywood Action Movies of 2011

below is the list of most anticipated Hollywood action movies which are due for released in the year 2011.

1. Fast Five - Fast Five the Hollywood Action movie is no doubt the best among all the action movies released in the year 2011. Adding the fabulous Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and Dwayne Johnson, to what was already known as the best movie series Fast and the Furious was definitely a great decision that in turn created the perfect impact.

2. Pirates of the Caribbean : On Stranger Tides – Pirate of the Caribbean – on stranger tides, as the famous Pirate Captain Jack Sparrow return to the Pirates of the Caribbean. The entrance of Johnny Depp was the most awaited by people and the movie with the great story turned out to be exactly as it was expected Hollywood Action Movie.

3. Green Hornet – This movie had an awesome actor as a bad guy, and a terrible performance from Seth as the good guy. Overall it was too over-the-top Hollywood action movie for me, not believable, and again I cannot stress just how stupid Seth made this main character out to be.

4. Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon – Transformers 3 . While I think I like Fox a little better in the films, the new love interest story made this third movie much more interesting than the second one. This was definitely the most awaited Hollywood action movie in the year 2011. The return of optimus prime and joining forces along with Bumblee and other s to have a fight against the evil

5. Drive Angry 3D – DRIVE ANGRY 3D is exactly the type of flick I hoped it would be; a good old fashioned B-movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Director Patrick Lussier, and writer Todd Farmer have crafted a gloriously trashy English action flick.

6. Cowboys and Aliens – Cowboys and Aliens One of the best Hollywood action movies in the year 2011 is cowboys and aliens and the best star like Harrison ford creates the epic combination for everyone to enjoy this movie. This movie was based on the novel with the same name that is Cowboys and Aliens.

7. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol – Brian De Palma’s MI-I was elusive and canny, John Woo’s MI-2 reveled in style and attitude, J J Abrams’ MI-3 kept it edgy and layered. Brad Bird, for most part, lends Ghost Protocol a sense of splendid urgency with fast-moving impulses and ambitious set pieces but lacks the smarts to wholly approve.

8. Thor – Based on Marvel comic book’s character by the same name, THOR is a good one time Hollywood Action Movies to watch. THOR is undoubtedly entertaining. The tale of a hammer wielding god of thunder is a fun filled ride that is solely made to entertain its audience

9. I Am Number Four – I like science fiction. The opening shot of “I Am Number Four” holds promise, as John (Alex Pettyfer), the narrator, explains that he is a Mogadorian, no doubt from a planet named Mogador. Specifically, he is Mogadorian No. 4. Don’t expect me to explain the Mogadorian numbering system.

10. Death Race 2 – This film is decent and far better than almost anything else from W.S. Anderson.”Death Race 2″ takes a step back in time as it is a prequel to the first “Death Race” film.

Following was a list of top 10 Hollywood Action Movies 2011.