Top Hollywood Comedy Movies 2012

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Hollywood Comedy Movies 2012 List

Like watching some good funny Hollywood comedy movies, this list of top Hollywood comedy movies 2012 is perfect for you. These are some top Hollywood comedy movies 2012 that you can watch even today and still be amused by their stories and the scripts. The humor contained in them is timeless, and the lesser that is said about them, the better. One has to watch each of these best comedy movies Hollywood 2012 individually to truly grasp and understand how their humor has stood the test of time.There are some brilliant comedy movies in Hollywood that will have you on the floor rolling with laughter. From the slapstick style of comedy that Charlie Chaplin was famous for, to the face contorting laughter inducing comedy that Jim Carrey favors there is a brand of humor for every individual out there.

Top Hollywood Comedy Movies 2012

Hollywood Comedy movies 2012 are excellent stress busters that help in beating the blues and which makes you forget the problems in life.These comedy movies have had audiences rolling down the aisle with laughter. A few of them top Hollywood comedy movies 2012 list worth a mention are given below.

List of Top 10 Hollywood Comedy Movies 2012

1.21 Jump Street – 21 Jump Street was originally a crime drama starring Johnny Depp that aired from 1987 to 1991. it is a good Hollywood comedy movies of 2012. Young looking cops in this movie took part in undercover assignments in every episode to deal with growing youth crime. 21 Jump Street was treated as serious business at the time, but now? Not so much. The movie snags that very same concept and slaps a strong comedic twist on it.

2.Joyful Noise-Joyful Noise is not a movie made for critics, cynics, regular readers of this site, or discerning moviegoers of any type. It is unquestionably an awful film. But it doesn’t matter. The people for whom the movie is targeted — earnest church groups, old folks, and their adoring grandchildren.

3.American Reunion- American Reunion in a nutshell. It’s nice catching up, finding out what happened in the lives of the characters, and realizing that, ultimately, nothing’s really changed except for the size of their guts. After that, it’s mostly tedious, watching characters ruminate about their own past and clumsily attempting to recapture it.

4.One For The Money- This movie could have been great Sunday matinee fun with Marisa Tomei and a decent screenplay. If romcoms must exist they should all have a gun wielding, foul-mouthed female protagonist with a sassy hooker for a sidekick. Worth watch a good Hollywood comedy movies 2012.

This is not the end of year 2012 so we could not complete this list of top 10 Hollywood Comedy Movies 2012. Sure by the end of this year this list will certainly look different. Come back later for the update on the list of Top Hollywood Comedy Movies 2012.