Top Horror Movies of All Time

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Top 10 Horror Movies of All Time

A Horror Appetizer Today: You’re well used to the spine tingling sensations when the lights out, and there’s absolute silence. And if it is a horror movie you’re watching, you’d better grab a seat because if it’s spooky, then it’s interesting.
About the Top Hollywood Horror Movies of All Times: You must already be experiencing those goose bumps, well don’t cling to the chair that hard. If you’re an avid lover for horror movies then get the top Hollywood horror movies of all times as a part of your movie selection right away.

Top Hollywood Horror Movies of All Time

List of Top Hollywood Horror Movies of All Time

Here is the featured list which consists of the top Hollywood horror movies of all times which till today, can make you catch your breath instantly:

1. Friday, the 13th:If there aren’t enough ghost stories already! With the release of this 1980 horror movie, where the chief role played by Pamela Voorhees, who is the killer in the movie regulating the murderous assaults of her son Jason, whose appearances in the later sequels is based on his revenge.

2. Scream: This movie with its three parts, Scream 1, 2 and 3 have kicked it right away on the list of the top Hollywood horror movies of all times, which is significant by the character of the killer under the white/black ghost mask. Drew Barrymore who stars in the first movie ends up receiving anonymous phone calls later on realizing that the murders happening are somehow linked to the phone calls.

3. The Haunting: Search out for the 1963 inventive which is the traditional horror movie that will not contain an ambience of screams or blood thirsty killers, in fact this is the realistic approach to facing horror where the characters face the paranormal in this ingenious plot.

4. The Blair Witch Project: If it isn’t a movie, then it’s real. Because a documentary is what should tingle your senses and capture your curious souls. Watch this documentary based on three individuals who wander out into the woods for snipe hunting only to wake up in the morning after a terror filled night with a gift pack consisting of gruesome anatomy. Using just a normal camera, this movie redefined horror hence has been placed on our list of the top Hollywood horror movies of all times.

5. Suspiria: Based on an American Ballerina who attends a ballet academy in Germany only to find herself entangled within the evil hatch of a coven of witches. The movie is a nightmare painted before your eyes especially with the haunting background, the grey struck visuals and the immediate death at the very beginning of the movie which keeps spectators hooked onto its spooky scenarios.

6. A Nightmare on Elm Street: Say hello to Freddy! This 1984 horror movie is certainly on our list of the top Hollywood horror movies of all time only because it is the retrospect of blood chilled horror and sadistic glee which the maker has caught in the midst of the movie. The killer is none other than a burnt, malevolence lunatic who is the ghost that appears in people’s nightmares, murdering them in their sleep.

7. Poltergeist: Steven Spielberg introduces yet another enigma with his multidirectional innovation which consists of portraits of ghost appearances and rampages. Count the Southern Californian haunting as a chief portion of the movie, as well as tumultuous trees which shriek anger that grab you through the windows.

You’ll be glad to see your favorites featured on to the list of the top Hollywood horror movies of all time, don’t ‘cry like the onions fry’, if it is horror then there’s bound to be some wicked climaxes. So watch these some good Horror Movies of All time ever.