Top War Movies of All Time

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Top 10 War Movies of All Time:

In the history of the Hollywood movies we have found the concept of war movies several times. War is such a concept which people are facing actually in life for ages. We have seen the victory of Good over bad in all these war movies and we as an audience developed a special passion of love towards military people. By war movies we understand the involvement of military people, the soldier fighting against the evil with arms and weapons ending with the happening of a battle or war. Following is the list of Top Hollywood War Movies of all time which created sensation in the Box office and also the audience at large.

Top Hollywood War Movies of all time ever

List of Top Hollywood War Movies of All Time:

Take a Look at at these some Top greatest war movies of all time ever.

1. Black Hawk Down: The movie is directed by Ridley Scott. The movie released in the year 2001. When the soldiers are send at war they think themselves as most powerful when equipped with high-tech weapons. They are ready to carry out specific objectives but the reality seems different in the war field. The story is about Americas’ mission to Somali for “Operation Restore Hope”. The mission was humanitarian in nature. The military troop reached Somali to provide support with good intention in mind to save the life of the people. The mission takes an unwanted turn when every people of Somali turned against them. In short span of time life was surrounded with tension, loss of colleagues and formation of new alliances, which made the soldiers feel the real meaning of war. The film bagged two Oscar’s awards. The star cast includes William Fichtner, Josh Hartnett, Ewan McGregor, Eric Bana, Tom Sizemore and Sam Shepard.

2. Platoon: The break through direction by Oliver Stone was seen in the movie Platoon which got released in the year 1986. It’s a hard core realistic movie of a young soldier. The character Chris Taylor after leaving his college life back moved to join the army as a volunteer. He was send to Vietnam. Over there he joined two fellow soldiers of different culture altogether. He left disturbed by viewing the dead body of soldiers. The movie depicts how Chris makes adjustment with the life of an army man and fighting back in the war. Platoon won four Oscars and casts Tom Berenger, Charlie Sheen and William Dafoe in lead roles.

3. The Patriot: It is an American historical good war movie, directed by Roland Emmerich. The film released in the year 2000. It is the story of 1776 at South Carolina. A French-Indian war hero Benjamin Martin wants to leave a peaceful life after passing through a haunted life of war in past. His two sons were egger to join the Continental army for fighting the war against England. Without letting their father know they joined the army. But tragedy strikes the floor when the Martin Plantatio was burned by the brutal tactics of Colonel William Tavington, the famous British dragoon of brutality. The next story shows how Benjamin fights back to save his family and establish a fresh, new and young nation.

4. A Bridge Too Far: An epic war film of 1977 is “A Bridge Too Far”. The movie is directed by Richard Attenborough. It is a historical story of failed attempts to conquer several numbers of bridges of Germany during the period of World War II. The mission was called Operation Market-Garden. The main target was to outflank defenses of German. The casts include Dirk Bogarde, James Caan, Elliott Gould, Gene Hackman and Michael Caine in the lead roles.

5. Patton: It is the biographical war film about the life of the U.S. General George S. Patton at the time of World War II. Patton bagged seven Academy Awards. The movie depicts the controversial American general’s life and career. The star casts were George C. Scott, Stephen Young and Karl Malden.

6. Braveheart: Another historical drama film of 1995 is Braveheart. The film is directed by Mel Gibson. It is the story of a commoner William Wallace who worked for uniting the 13th Century Scots for the battle to overcome the English rule. William gained reorganization after being the leader of First War of Scottish Independence against King Edward I of England. The movie won 5 Academy awards. The film casts Mel Gibson and Patrick McGoohan.

7. Three Kings: the movie is a war drama, directed by David O. Russell. During the Persian Gulf War, four soldiers were given the duty of stealing gold from Kuwait. In their journey to steal the gold the discovered the people who are in extreme need of their help and desperately needs their support for their existence. The movie star casts were George Clooney, Spike Jonze, Mark Wahlberg and Nora Dunn

8. The Great Escape: The movie depicts the escaping of a group of Allied prisoners of war who manage to escape from Nazi prison camp. The prisoners develop a scheme of escaping the prison through three different tunnels. The soldier Richard Attenborough was the main master mind behind the escape. The movie is of three hours depicting the race to escape. The movie own Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

9. Gallipoli: Story of two idealistic men Frank and Archy. They joined the Australian army during World War I and joined the war of Gallipoli in Turkey. The beginning of the movie shows the personal life of the two soldiers and in the second part of the movie pasteurizes the ill-fated and ill-planned battle and its destiny. The film is directed by Peter Weir and released in the year 1981.

10. Coming Home: This story is somewhat different than rest of the war movies. The movie narrates the love of a woman for a paralyzed Vietnam War soldier when her husband is fighting at Vietnam. The rest part of the story shows the reaction of the women’s husband after knowing the secret affair about his wife. The film is directed by Hal Ashby with excellent star cast of Jane Fonda, Bruce Dern and Jon Voight.

The above list of War movies are the chosen best for Top Hollywood War Movies of all time among long list of war movies, so keep watching and the greatest war movies ever.